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Virgin/Untouched Turtle Bay Beach Resort

Down to the beach , Down to the beach , On a sunny day we go
Down to the beach , Down to the beach , Where a pleasant sea breeze blows
Let’s have some fun , In the red-hot sun
Down to the beach , Down to the beach , there is still sun without snow

Turtle Bay Beach Resort is Located at Kundapura in Karnataka, Turtle Bay Beach Resort offers you the luxury of lounging on pristine golden sands, amidst swaying coconut palms.

The resort gets its name from the sea turtles that inhabit the beach during the nestingseason from October to December every year.

HOW TO REACH THERE FROM BANGALORE (Turtle Bay Beach Resort) : There are 2 routes whichleads to Kundapura where the resort is situated :-
 Address :-
Turtle Bay Beach Resort
Kanchugodu. Gujjadi Post.
KundapurTaluk .Udupi Dist.
Karnataka, PIN 576235  
Phone Numbers :-
Tele-:08254 265422, Mob-:09741133451  

1. First route (Bangalore – Mangalore -Turtle Bay Beach Resort)  
# Take the Chowdaiah Road ,NH4 (pass by Aranya Bhavan as landmark) , follow the NH4 for about 60 km .  
#Then take the NH 206 (Pass by Petrol bunk as a Landmark ) , follow the NH 206 for about 150 km .

# Word Of Caution :: Be careful before entring the Ghat Section , Roads are Damn Bad . i had seen 2,3 vehicles punctured in between . Check your tyres before and after the sghats Section.  
# Then take NH 48 , Hassan Main Road , follow NH 48 for about 190 Km . you will Come to Mangalore .  
# Take NH 17 from Mangalore which leads to Goa .  
# You will see Malpe Fisherman Association Board on the Left hand Side .A better landmark is Sunshine restaurant.This point is about 50 km from mangalore .The lane adjacent to this goes to the St. Mary’s Island fairy boarding point .  

#For turtle bay beach resort still carry on for about 65km till you get the Trasi village.On the left hand side you will find 1 wine shop named “Anugraha Wines”.Take left adjacent to this and another left from the deadend .Continue straight for about  200m .You will find Turtle Bay Beach Resort on the right .  
Though this was mentioned as only 465 km from bangalore .But in practical this was around 540km from HSR Layout,Bangalore .  
2. Second Route -(Bangalore – Shimoga – Kundapur)  

1. Bangalore to Turtle Bay Beach Resort (8 hours approximately):- 
# This is a weekend destination .We started at around 11.00 p.m from Bangalore and reached Turtle Bay around 12.00 p.m .
# This also includes 2 hours break in between + 2.5 hours jam at the outer of Bangalore .

# With a Non-stop break , you can reach turtle bay in 8 hours .
# This would take even less time if you follow the Shimoga route.I heard this route is very secluded with less people preferring it at night .

# With a Non-stop break , you can reach turtle bay in 8 hours .
# This would take even less time if you follow the Shimoga route.I heard this route is very secluded with less people preferring it at night .

HOW MUCH WOULD IT COST (whole trip – 4200 per person in a group of 5):-

We went in the peak season that is on 25th Dec holiday so it was 20% costly at that time .  
Please check out the rates in following link :-
#There are 4 types of rooms available – A/c Room , DLX Room , Standard Room , Budget Cabana .
# There is also a Dormitory available in case of big group .
# If you are going with family prefer to take standard room and above .

# Budget cabbana is like a hut with a double bed , fan , dressing table and a cubbord inside .There is no toilet and bathroom attached to Budget Cabanna but the common toilets are well maintained .1 part of the wall is concrete and other is Crisscrossed with Bamboo logs .Couples might not like the privacy it offers , but it is wonderful for bachelors and adventurists .

# Most Important Comment – Rooms gets booked very soon, since it is near to Manipal University .I booked it 1 month in advance through a Demand Draft of Rs. 2000 and still manage to get only the leftover – 1 standard room and 1 budget cabanna . 

Detailed Breakup of the trip :-
1. Around 1100 km covered – which costed us around 8500 with driver bhada .
2. Dinner is costly which is around 270 per head .
3. Lunch you have to order 2,3 hours in advance .
4. We went to a very small rock island which costed rs. 2000 for the fairy charges .
5. St. Mary’s Island fairy charges – 100 per head .
6. Rest was spent on food + snacks .

Specialty of the Turtle Bay Beach Resort :-  
Turtle Bay Beach Resort offers exciting outdoor options for the wild and the adventurous.Trekking, Scuba diving, snorkelling,and boat rides – find out which activity suits yourwild side best!  

Scuba Diving is only for the Licenced divers and is very costly – Rs. 6500 .
Snorkelling is also quite costly – Rs. 3500
Boat Ride is about – Rs. 2000 for a complete boat .

How About the Experience :-  

# We started in a fully adventuruous mode .Halted at a coffee cafe day at around 2.00 a.m.  
#Then made a second halt for 5-10 min before the bad tracks of Western Ghats started.Driver checked all the 4 tyres of the car.That patch of 60 km was pathetic .I saw about4 small cars punctured in the way .I advice – don’t take your own car . 

#Then we made the third halt after mangalore at Vishwasagar Vegetarian Restaurant .  
# The 4th halt was our destination – Turtle Bay Beach Resort .Even before going to the rooms , we checked out each and every thing on the resort .To my surprise , it was very beautiful . 

# In between we wasted so much time in asking the Trasi village .Actually we expected to reach turtle bay at about 9 a.m – 10 a.m as per google maps .  

#Resort has a beautiful private white sand beach (since it is an untouched beach . I can very well classifie it as a Private Beach). It has a Beach Volley Ball court , table tennis room + Dart Room , Yoga room , Havelocks .

# Most importantly the crowd was very good .Since i was travelling with my family,this
was my biggest fears .
# Beach is flat there .You can very well go down deep into it . It is ideal for Swimmimg.
# We carried our own drinks ,but getting ice was a big problem . Then we went to the Ice factory in the Trasi Village . Got a lots and lots of ice and made merry 

# Next day morning we went to rock Island trip . That is a beautiful island which is about 20 min from turtle bay in the sea .We caught fishes , crabs , sea urchins . Amazing Experience .

# Then we headed towards St. Mary’s Island . 


sarah said...

is it a "PRIVATE Beach Resort" ???

i HOPE NO AAM JANATA IS ALLOWED there. Plz help :)

Nitin said...

Hi Sarah ,
It is a private beach .


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