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Allepey House Boat Trip

Please check my Post "Kerala - God's Own Country" for planning your Allepey House Boat trip .
All the Houseboats are parked at the point from where the famous Nehru Cup begins .We were on the deck along with some ration and 3 men .1 cook , 1 Boat driver and 1 manager .As soon as we came on the deck we checked each and every thing .

 It had 2 rooms with 2 windows. It had a nice bed ,clean bathroom , beautiful Mosqito Net , fans , lights . Outside was the Dyning Area , Luckily the rain had stopped and the weather was cloudy with cool breeze blowing .I think this was the best part our house boat ride .As usual , i was playing with my Camera .My wife was getting irritated because i was spending more time clicking the photos than talking to her(can’t resist the beauty of nature) .

In between we bought fresh Prawns . Please bargain before you buy these fresh prawns , because they costed Rs. 900/kg .

Since we were contantly persuading  our Boar driver to buy the prawns and they struggled a lot to get the boat onto the shop that is why we bought 500 gms for rs . 450 .

At around 3.00 p.m we stopped for Lunch . It was such a romantic lunch -  Boat in the middle of the Lake with beautifully presented Food -(Fried Fish , dal , Rice , Prawns , Mooli , Sambar , Chapati) .I felt like the King of the Boat – 3 people just for me . Again we started , my wife drove the Boat for sometime and i was taking all sort of Crazy photographs .By that time the manager of the Boat knew that i am a true nature lover . We had 1 advantage that we had a comparitively small boat .

I asked him to take us only through the small canals . I saw a lot of Local people catching fishes with a stic and a thin thread with hook  . 

Some were using the public transport boats for their commutation .Some were rich so ,they had thier own boats .

Rich guys have Speed Boats parked in their garadges .There were bridges connecting the 2 sides of the canal .There was a beautiful church in the middle somewhere .It was awsome .You can seen the real beauty only when you travel to and from Allepy. 

I earlier had an intenstion of taking the Boat from Allepey to Kumarakoan . But , if you want to see the real beauty of nature don’t take this option . If you go from Allepey to Kumarakoan , you will ride only through the big Lake Vembanad. You will not find time to go through the small canals .

We stopped at 5.30 p.m infront of the Cooks home . Generally all the house boats rests at a common place , so we were little frightened at that time because only our houseboat was parked there .We took a long walk inside the Village , paddy fields and talked to some children in the sign language .We spent a very nice evening playing chess , chatting , singing , fishing .By the time we felt tired , food was again presented . It was nice , hygenic but i didnot liked it on that evening probably beacause i was eating the kadipata tadka for the 3rd time .While we were eating ,it started pouring like cats and dogs(rained heavily) .We went to sleep at around 10.00.But there was a fear building up in my minds primarily because of family . The windows were open ,  our boat was all alone in some village and we were on water .I remember taking a nap and then waking up like a dog as soon as i hear some noise  beacuse of some fish dive or running water .We woke up at 7.00 next morining with a nice Tea .

My wife did some fishing exrcise for some time , with no success .
Then at around 8.15 a.m , we got our breakfast (Idly , sambhar , Tea , Biscuits and Pineapple) .We left the House Boat at around 10.30 a.m .

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