Saturday, June 19, 2010

Beautiful Kovalam Beach

I visited Allepey and took an Awesome 22 hour House Boat Trip before starting for Kovalam .
The Road was extremely good . It was  a drive along the western coast of India , so we could see the sea shore along our route .We halted 2 times in between for 45(toilet)min, 45 (lunch)min each and reached Kovalam at around 4.00 p.m . Don’t be surprised , if you are served with hot and red coloured water . This is Mallu style . The driver(named Levin) was very good .

Our resort “Travancore palace Beach resort” was not on the beach as expected , but was not too far from the beach too .It was just 2 min walk from the beach .It had a nice swimming pool , nice rooms . But the rates were almost at par with the resorts or hotels on the Beach .standard room was Rs. 1500 (off season) in our resort and it costed around 1600 in “Pappukutty Beach Resort” .The same room will cost around 24oo in season .

We changed to our Beach attire and headed towards the beach .The view before the Light house gate is awsome and photographic .

 If you would get to the beach from the Light house side , you would pass a lot of restaurants and hotels just infornt of the beach separated by a platform .Down the Platform on to the beach , the sand is very soft but black .

The beach was very beautiful , full of foreigners , the water was super clean , The sand was black at some places . After about 20 min , the sun started setting . I think , I have seen the best sunset ever .

We went to the 2 hillocks , which is actually the best point to view the Sunset.Then we rushed in search of a massage parlour .There was a massage parlour , just 50 steps down towards the light house from our resort.Full Body relaxation Massage costed 700 rs.This was followed by free Steam bath .It was realy refreshing .

Then in the night we went out for the dinner in “Coconut Groove” .I was tired of eating south indian food , so we ordered  paneer pasanda, 1 vodka  with lemonide for me , 1 mocktail for my better half and chapatis .I expected that north indian food would be bad , but it turned down my expectations.Kovalam is very costly .Normal vegetarian  dish costed around 150-225 bugs .Our bill costed around 670 .There were only 4 variety of hard drinks available there .1 Beer was around 120 bugs .The experience of having dinner facing sea was something you cannot have anywhere except Kovalam Sea Facing Restaurants.

Next Day I got up at around 5.30 a.m and went to the beach around 5.45 a.m , assuming to see a beautiful sunrise .But sun rises from east and i was on the west coat of india , so poor show .We had a very good photo shoot in the  morning .

We didnot went ahead the sunset view point rocks the previousday , but real beauty of the beach was beyond that point .

The sand was white there and was very smooth and cool .That part of beach was devoid of Restaurants and Hotels . It was fully clean and amazing . A long walk in the shallow waters was very Romantic .I bathed in the crystal clear water of the Sea .It is also safe beach for swimming  .Since the crowd comprises mostly foriegners,my indian girls and ladies would feel comfortable in beach wear .

 We had breakfast at a Restaurant which stands 1st from the Light House . 1 plate vegetable sandwitch was around 50 bugs and 1 fruit bowl was around 75 bugs .
When the clock struck 11.30 a.m , we headed towards Bangalore .You can catch bus to bangalore from Trivandrum which is around 25km from Kovalam . Buses from Trivandrum to bangalore starts at around 3.30 .It is 14 hour drive .We took our bus from cochin , because there was hell lot of problems we faced beacuse of the Travel Agent .Please visit to know some of the facts which you should be cautious while travelling to Kerala .This blog will tell some of the bitter experience we faced beacuse of our travel agent . 

Please check my Post "Kerala - God's Own Country" for planning your Kovalam Trip .

WORD OF CAUTION – Don’t plan your package through Annapurna Travels (Mr. Ambrose).


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mudit said...

Please correct "Bugs" to "bucks". It gives this review a buggy feeling ;). Nice log by the way!

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