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Kerala - Plan And Review Allepey House Boat and Kovalam Trip

This is my first travel blog post , so i thought to start with the GOD’s OWN COUNTRY – Kerala .I had realised almost 1 month back that there is a Long Weekend(2nd Oct , 3rd Oct, 4th Oct) coming up .Even on my Jammu trip , I had Kerala ruling over mind . On 24th Sep , after checking out the Plan for the full trip , I went to Madiwala to Book the Tickets to Allepey .Though my wife told me that we should Hurry Up. I didn’t took her seriously . Finally my budget tour plan , took the biggest Jolt .Tickets were not available in any of the Buses .Thereby I got my first Lesson – For enjoying a long weekend around Bangalore , you should book your tickets at least 2 to 3 weeks in Advance .We had only 1 option left , that is to take a Packaged Tour from Choice Travels . A BUDGET TOUR to Kerala(only Allepey and Kovalam) for a couple could range between 11,500 to 14000 depending on the Class of Bus and choice Of Hotel.We had some specific requirements like Volvo Transfers and Beach resort .So, When we were planning the trip by ourselves, it was coming around 13700 for both of us with the Following break Up . Food is not included in the Above Assumptions .

The Following Package for 2 days 2 nights would have cost us Rs. 13700

Day 1 Late Evening :-
1. Volvo Transfer from Bangalore to Allepey – Rs 950 * 2
We started at around 7.45 p.m in the evening from Bangalore
Day 2:-
2. Non Ac Deluxe House Boat for 22 hours from 12.00 p.m to 10.30 a.m (with Lunch , Dinner and Breakfast) – This was Rs. 4500 to Rs. 5500
Refer to the
Day 3:-
3. Non Ac Indica with driver from Allepey to Kovalam  – Rs. 3400
A very well behave driver named Levin who accompanied us in our trip – 09446626448
4. Ac room in Pappukutty Beach Resort in Kovalam beach – Rs 1500 .
Day 4 :-
5. Back to Allepey through same Non- AC Indica .
6. Volvo Tranfer from Allepey to Banaglore - 950 * 2


Since we had planned our trip and didn’t wanted to drop our plans for Kerala Trip , so we took a Customized package from CHOICE TRAVELS .
The following package for 2 days and 2 nights cost us Rs. 15,000

Day 1 Late Evening :-
1. Volvo Transfer from Sofia Lines (which was extremely good Volvo Bus) from Banagalore to Allepey – (1st October Evening)
Day 2 :-
2. Non-AC Deluxe House Boat from Star House Boats (with Lunch , Dinner and Breakfast)- 12.00 p.m(2nd October) to 10.00 a.m (3rd October)
Day 3 :-
3. Non- AC Indica tranfer from Allepey to Kovalam  .(3rd October)
4. Travancore Palace Beach resort in Kovalam – Deluxe Room .(3rd to 4th October)
Day 4 :-
5. Back to Allepey through same Non- AC Indica .
6.. Volvo tranfers from Allepey to Banaglore – (4th October Evening)


We started at around 7.45 p.m in the evening from Bangalore .The Volvo Journey was very much comfortable . It halted in the night for Dinner at a quite descent Restaurant . I wake up in Cochin (everybody calls it Ernakulum) at around 5.30 a.m . The bus dropped us at 7.15a.m in Allepey . It was rainig terribly there .We reached the office of Star House Boat Office comfortably (adjacent to Aluuka Jwellery shop) .It was like an OLD BDA Building , which was fully Manless at 7.15 a.m .They gave us 1 room for refreshment which was like a lodge ,suitable only for refreshment . They told us that pick up vehicle will come at around 11.30 a.m .We freshened up by 8.30 a.m and went out of the Complex .

There was a restaurant Just outside the Complex which was looking ok and Hygenic .I think that was the only restaurant , which was open at that time .To my surprise , food was not only descent but was Damm cheap too .I think we payed just Rs. 30 for 2 plates IDLY and 2 Tea .Since we had 3 hours we set out for Allepey beach .It was just 5-6 km from Alluka jwellery .I think Auto took Rs 30 .It was ok , water was not that clean . We clicked some good photographs near Sanjay Park .


On the beach , there is 1 place where Sea water is forming a Stream into the City . If somebody Plans to go to Allepey for its beach , please don’t .Its only worth doing a time pass for couple of hours . Some construction work was happeining when I visited Allepey beach , probably they are trying to make it more beautiful .Then we came back to the House Boat Office .



Ayesha said...

Hey there!
good mony saving plan. If you fancz doing more things in Kerala and are stuck for ideas or want to read other people's thoughts check out HolidayCheck's page about Kerela:

I've been there myself a few years back and really enjoyed the backwater boat ride. I will definitely be back!

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