Friday, December 12, 2014

A Luxurious Camping at Cosy Tents

Cosy Tents Enlightened
If you are planning for a romantic outdoors , I bet Cozy Tents is the best place to be . Luxurious , Romantic , Picturesque Camping Site .

Address : 935 Telegraph Road, Sailors Falls VIC 3461, Australia
Phone : 0411 322 937
Route  :
Website :
Checkin : 3:00 p.m , Checkout : 12:00 pm

HOW MUCH TIME WOULD IT TAKE : It took us less than 2 hours to reach the cozy tents .

BEST TIME TO VISIT : You can visit the camping site all year long . I had a short chat with the owners and they are planning to install special tent heaters for winter season .

Small WaterBody inside the Camping Site
HOW MUCH WOULD THE TRIP COST : The 2 day 1 night trip for two of us cost 257 AUD .

1) Petrol - 25 AUD
2) Cosy Tents - 185 AUD /per night / per tent
3) Meal as per preference  or can be brought from home - 35 AUD
4) Coffee @ during drive break * 3 - 3.95/Cup .

HOW WAS THE OVERALL EXPERIENCE : Awesome place for camping , warm hospitality and less than 2 hour drive from Melbourne is the USP of this place .A refreshing break from hustle and tussle of life .

Day 1:-
11:30 p.m - Started off from home after Brunch .
01:30 p.m - Reached Cozy Tents. Picked up the keys and had a brief from Jarek(Owner).
02:00 p.m - Went to Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens .Took the Scenic Drive .
03:00 p.m - Went to Jubilee lake .
04:00 p.m - Came back to Cosy Tents .
# Rested for a while in lovely tents .
# Had our evening tea .
# Sat outside watching Kangaroos passing by .
# Started with our evening Wine , chit chat and photography .

07:00 p.m - It started getting cold and Jarek lit us a Camp Fire .
I am new to camping outdoors and I was loving every bit of it .
08:00 p.m - We started preparing our Dinner . There are all equipment present in the common kitchen including vegetable oil . We brought all our food marinated from home in an Ice box .
10:00 p.m - Watched a lovely movie on our Ipad .

Breaky Box
Day 2:-
08:00 a.m - Got up Late .Prepared our morning Tea .
09:00 a.m - Usually the breakfast is arranged in the beautiful common kitchen area .
However it was raining that day and we got a lovely Breaky Box .
10:00 a.m - Did some photo-session .
11:00 a.m - Checked Out from Cosy Tents .
11:15 a.m - Reached Sailor Falls .
11:30 a.m - Reached Daylesford Lake which is just 5 km from Sailor Falls .Parked in front of Central Springs .Did some fishing , Lake circuit Walk , photo-ops.
01:30 p.m - Reached Daylesford Market .Had a Sumptuous Lunch .Plenty of options there to dine .
03:30 p.m - Set out for Melbourne
05:30 p.m - Reached home .

Interesting Facts :-
1) Refrigerator is not available in Tents(After all its camping) .However 26L Eski is available .Handy to know what all is included
2) From Placement perspective The best Tent is bwthyn .Tea ,Sugar ,Coffee , Cutlery ,Breakfast is provided with all tents .
3) CosyTents have clean, hygienic common toilets and kitchen with lovely cutlery .Oil,Salt for cooking ,Utensils, Drinking and Cooking Water is provided .
4) Plenty of places for nature walks and photography like - Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens , Jubilee Lake , Lake Daylesford , Sailor Falls.
5) Daylesford Market is just 4.5 km from Cosy Tents .You can even skip cooking at camps .
Coles and other Grocery Stores can also be found in Daylesford Market .
6) Bring your self enough warm clothes as it may get cooler than Melbourne at night .

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Day Trip in Melbourne City

City Circle - Free Tourist Tram
Melbourne is one of the most spectacular cities in the world . It has been crowned as the world's most livable cities several times .If you are planning for a Day trip in Melbourne , I can offer you some tips to plan your Melbourne's Day Out .

Though Melbourne can be visited all round the year . However summer months (November - April)are usually the best with long days .
February-March is the best time to visit Melbourne from perspective of cultural festivals .
Melbourne hosts a lot of spectacular festivals during this time ranging from "White Night" , "Moomba Festival" , "Australian Grand Prix - F1" etc.

Flinders Street Station
Since I have selected most of the places where there is no ticket charges .
Yara River Cruise  : 23 AUD/person
Skydeck : 30 AUD /person
Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner : 10 AUD /meal/person
This does not include your shopping , drinks and Crown Casino gambling .

Glimpse of Melbourne City


At 8:30 a.m : Federation Square
Take your time to click some nice shots of "(1) Flinders Street Station" ,"(F16)St. Paul Cathedral" , "(F18)Princess Bridge" , "Federation Square" , "(F15)Explore Swanston Street ".

At 9:15 a.m :Get on to the City Circle Tram (Walking Distance)and get down  at the next stop number : 2 named as "Market Street".Take Tram 55 going towards Market Street  which would take you to "Victoria Market" which is Stop 9.

Queen Victoria Market
At 10:00 a.m :Victoria Market - This is the best place to buy yourself some Souvenirs for friends and family back home .Market is closed on Monday , Wednesday and Public Holidays . To know more on timings please refer to the following link .

At 11:30 :
Option 1 :There are some good restaurant near Victoria Market. Have your Lunch . Get on to the Tram 55 , get down at Latrobe Street Stop number = 7 . Take on the City Circle .Get down at Parliament

Option 2 : Get on to the Tram 55 , get down at Latrobe Street Stop number = 7 . Take on the City Circle .Get down at Parliament . There are pretty good restaurants on Bourke Street which is righ opposite to Parliament . Have a nice lunch overlooking parliament .

Parliament House - Victoria
At 12:55 p.m : Free Guided Tour Inside Parliament of Victoria .If you want to take a free guided tour inside parliament . Make sure to reach the top of parliament by 12:55 .For more information :

Yara River Cruise Boarding Point and Eureka Sky deck Location
At 1:30 p.m : Take the Tram City Circle and get down at Flinders Street Station .
Take a quick 7-min walk onto to the other side of the bridge .Yarra River Cruise Boarding Point

South Bank DFO Waterfront
At 1:50 p.m : Yarra River Cruise.
Queue up at the Southgate Promenade, Berth 5 . There are a number of options .
I found the 1-hour Cruise B : River Gardens the most picturesque .
Rate : 23 AUD/person
For Bookings :

At 3:00 p.m : Eureka Skydeck
I would recommend to buy Edge Tickets along with general Entry .
Rate : 18 AUD + 12 AUD = 30 AUD/person
For Bookings :

At 4:45 p.m: Federation Square Tram Stop
Get on to any Tram towards St. Kilda Road(3,3a,5,6,6,16,64,67,72) .Get down at Stop number 19 - Shrine of Remembrance .

Royal Botanical Gardens
At 5:05 p.m : Royal Botanical Garden
Royal Botanical garden is located just behind the Shrine of Remembrance .Take a tour with some beautiful clicks .For More Info :

Shrine Of Remembrance
At 6:00 p.m : Shrine of Remembrance
Spend some time and get down to the tram stop whenever  you wish .
Take Tram 16 to St. Kilda Beach .

St. Kilda Esplanade - Penguin Point
At 6:45 p.m: The Esplanade - St. Kilda Sea Baths (Stop 136) 
Get down at Stop 136 . Cross the road to reach the Esplanade .Keep on walking the esplanade until you reach the Penguin Point . At sunset Little Penguins comes to the shore daily which is a treat to watch .Please remember there is a Instant fine on Flash Photography and drinking .

At 8:00  : There are plenty of place to dine in and around St. Kilda .

At 10:00 : Crown plaza
Try your luck in Crown Casino .Entry to Casino is free .
Retire your day with a Taxi to Hotel .
number : 132227 ,

Map with markings relevant to the Blog
There are some more Options that you can explore in case you plan to stay longer :-
1) Melbourne Aquarium
2) Melbourne Cricket Ground
3) There are plenty of shopping centers namely :Southbank DFO  , Harbor Town , Crown Plaza Shopping Centre , Bourke Street Shopping Mall , Chapel Street .
4) Royal Exhibition Building


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Plan Your Self Drive Australia Trip

The Great Alpine Road
An Australian road trip is one of the best ways to experience the magnificent scenery .From short trips to long stays and 4WD adventures, Australian road trips cover every length and landscape. Not only it comes to be cheaper but also they give you a liberty to spend more time at the places you like .

Mount Hotham

Common road rules in Australia :-
-The Road rules in Australia are important to understand before taking off your self drive holiday .
-Most of the Fatal Car Accidents across australia happens because of Ignorance to traffic rules.
-Following Videos would make you aware of the common road rules across Australia .
Do look all the animated videos :-
Note - Australia follows Right Hand Drive, which means Car Steering is on the right hand side for the Driver and driver must drive in left lane .

Common Mistakes an New/Overseas Drivers make :-
1) Drive on wrong lane - Fatal Error
Expectation - Be aware of your lane directions .
2) Impatience while making turns .
Expectation - You must Give way on turns .
3) On a Highway with a Speed Limit of 80 and above ,Driving slow on right lane .
Expectation - You  must use the right lane only case of overtaking .
4) Driving Slow .
Expectation - You must always drive approximately at the same speed as indicated by speed signs
5) Driving on High Beam at night , with other cars infront with a distance of 2-8 sec ahead .
Expectation :-
a) You must use the high beam on freeways only when there is no car ahead of you .
b) You must change the beam to Low as courtesy when another car from opposite direction approaches you .
6) Driving without GPS mounted stand on windscreen .

Great Ocean Drive
Self Drive Sight Seeing Ideas:-
1) Great Ocean Drive :
2) Tasmania :
3) Cairns :
4) Grampians National Park :-
Beautiful Place for Trekking Enthusiasts -
5) Gold Coast :

Car/Caravan hire in Australia :-
Best Car Hire Companies in Australia :-
1) Thrifty - (
2) Europcar - (
3) Hertz - (
4) Avis - (

Budget Campervans or Caravans :-
1) JUCY -

Way to Mount Buller
Car Pick Up / Returns Tips :-

1) Trading Hours - Its important to know the Trading hours of the Car Hire Outlet .
You must check out the opening and closing hours of the exact outlet from where you plan to pick up and drop your rental vehicle .Its important for 2 reasons :-
     a) Cost of the trip might get affected due to this .
     b) Also the timing is important in case you have connecting flights
Note - Very Rare Outlets have After Hour Dropping Service. Just checkout the exact steps ,just in case you get late .

2) You Should carry Optimum Documents while hiring a Car .
     a) Valid Passport in Original .
     b) Hotel Booking Confirmations(only for overseas visitor)
     c) Proof Of address

Vaccum Clean->Soap->HighPressureRinse->FullTank
Rental Retrurn Policy :-
1) Clean Car - Usually Its expected to return your rental vehicle in a fairly clean condition .
Its common to find Car Wash in Gas Stations .Most of the Manual Car Wash charge 1$ for 1 min of Vaccum / Soap Wash / Rinse . So It would not take more than 3-4 dollars to have your car cleaned up properly.

2) Tank Full while Return - Its is mandartory to fill in the Tank full while returning the car .
If not , it will attract a penalty and a service charge .Make sure to checkout the nearest petrol/gas station while returning the car .

Petrol/Gas Filling Stations :-
Important Note - You need to Fill in Petrol by yourself . Then Pay inside the counter by yourself .
Its important to keep your petrol or gas levels moderate at all times.
Sometimes ,In Country Sides it becomes hard to find a petrol/gas station.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Plan And Review Tasmania

The Neck- Bruny Island
Tasmania is Australia's stunning Island state and Oz's most sought after Travel Destinations .It has been featured as Top 10 travel destinations in all Global Travel Magazines .

Tasmania has it all.

1)  Soaring mountains.
2) Spectacular coastlines
3) White Sand Beaches with Naturally Red Rocks
4) Deep River Gorges
5) Breath Taking Views
6) Great Food and Wine
7) Easy access by a spectacular affordable Cruise Line - "Spirit of Tasmania"

Inside Chocolate Factory- Bruny Island
Best Time to Visit Tasmania - November end to February - which is also a Lavender season and festive season .
March is the most appropriate and cost effective month to Visit Tasmania, with Summers almost over and schools re-opened .
To Know more :

Blow Hole - Bicheno

1) Flight from Melbourne : 1 hour 15 min.
2) Spirit of Tasmania : takes 10 hours 30 minutes from Melbourne port
Starts from Melbourne Port at 7:30 p.m. ;  Reaches Davenport at 6:00 a.m.
It does offer "Day Sailing" on few days of the month .
Checkout -

Port Melbourne from the eye of "Spirit of Tasmania"
HOW MUCH WOULD IT COST : A group of 4 adults for 4 days cost around 2400 AUD .
 This Includes :-
1) Spirit of Tasmania Fare for 4 from Melbourne to Davenport: 800 AUD
To book directly -
2)  Jet Star Flight for 4 from Hobart to Melbourne "Ultramarine" Airport :approx. 300 AUD
3) A car hire for 3 days 10 hours from Europcar : 150 AUD
Pickup : Davenport Ferry Terminal
Drop Off: Hobart Airport
4) Double Bedroom Hotel  at Launceston/Bicheno/Port Arthur : 150/190/150 AUD  :  390 AUD
5) Petrol - 120 AUD
6) Entry Pass for Tasmanian Reserves - 60 AUD
(Include permit for a car with 4 adults to all Tasmanian Nature Reserves and Parks)
7)Food - 250 AUD
8) Entry Pass + Ghost Tour pass for 4 adults - 180 AUD .
9) Bruny Island Vehicle Ferry Transfer -30

Cruise - Spirit Of Tasmania
Day 1 : Come On Board the Spirit of Tasmania Cruise Liner @ 7:30 p.m.
Note - Check in closes 45 minutes before departure .

Cradle Mountain
Day 2 :
(a) Arrive at Davenport Ferry Terminal at 6:00 a.m.
(b) There is a very nice café shop outside the terminal which opens early in the morning .Have a nice warm breakfast .
(c)Pick Up your Pre-booked car-hire by 8:00 a.m. from Davenport Ferry Terminal.
Note - All leading car-hire companies are available, just outside Davenport arrival terminal.
(d) Arrive at Cradle Mountain Visitor Centre at 9:30- 10:00 a.m. -about 95 km from Davenport Ferry Terminal. About 2 km from Cradle Mountain Site .
Note - Collect your Park Pass. There is a limited parking space at the actual visitor site .In such a case you can park your car for free at the Information Office car park and hop on to the free shuttle .
(e)Based on your interest , you can follow one of the 2 options as proposed below .
option e1 : -
(i)You may spend entire day exploring Cradle Mountain .
(ii)Then Retire to your pre-booked accommodation in Launceston .
Option e2 :-
(i) Leave Cradle Mountain by 12:30 p.m.
(ii) Have a pit stop for Lunch in SHEFFIELD(70 km from Cradle Mountain)  at 1:30 p.m.
(iii)Start for your Hotel in Launceston , pickup your Hotel Keys .
(iv)Visit Cataract Gorge Reserve in Launceston .
(v) Retire your day in your Hotel in Launceston
Note - Distance from Cradle Mountain to Launceston is about 160 km .A continuous run would take about 2.5 hours .
Bay Of Fires
Day 3: -
(a) Prefer to start your day early by 8:00 a.m. Have your Tank Full from Launceston and set your GPS to St. Helens Information Centre.
(b)Expect to reach St. Helens Visitor Center around 10:45 a.m.
Enquire about Bay Of Fires (about 21 km from St. Helen) and Best Beaches to play around in pristine white sand .
Prefer a Brunch at St. Helens and then hit the beach .
(c)Pack-Up by 4:00 p.m. and hit the Road to Bicheno(about 115 km from Bay of Fires) .
(d)Stay Overnight at Bicheno which is a small beautiful holiday village .
Note - All Restaurant in Bicheno close early .Prefer dinner by 7:00p.m. - 7:30p.m. to avail more options .However there is only one Bar + Tabb+ Restaurant which open till late .

Wine Glass Bay
Day 4 :
(a) Again prefer to Start your Day Early by 7:00 a.m.
(b) Reach the Blow Hole in Bicheno . Should not take you more than 15 minutes to reach this place .
(c) Start by 7:30 a.m. to Wine glass bay .Its just 40 km from Bicheno and would take you about 40 minutes.
Note - If you already have Tasmania Park Pass , you need not buy it here again .
(d) Walk your way up to Wine Glass bay look out point at 8:30a.m. With my parents it took us 1 hour to reach the look out point and then 30 min to walk down .
(c)By 10:30 a.m. reach 31 Esplanade, Coles Bay, Tasmania, Australia . Snack yourself with delicious burgers and coffee .There is a bakery, bar, petrol station and nice burger shop as well at this place.
(d)Start your drive to port Arthur at 11:15 a.m. .

Port Arthur
(e)Reach Port Arthur Historic Site by 2:00 p.m. Collect your "Entry Tickets-Bronze Pass" and "Ghost Tour Tickets". Come Back from the 45 minutes cruise briefing and explore the historic remains of Port Arthur .
Note - last Cruise Ride is at 3:00 p.m. The Ghost Tour starts at 9:00 p.m.
For more details visit :
 (f)Plan to Stay Overnight in pre-booked accommodation at Port Arthur Village .

Bruny Island
Day 5 :
(a) Start early in the morning at 6:30 a.m.
(b)Reach Kettering Ferry Terminal by 9:00 a.m., so that you can catch up 9:30 a.m. ferry .

(c)Ferry Reaches Bruny Island Ferry Terminal in about 20 minutes .
(c)Head Straight to 915 Adventure Bay Road, which is starting point for Bruny Island Cruise Tour .
. Plan to reach this place by 10:45 a.m., which is approximately 35 km from Bruny Island Ferry Terminal .For more  Information - Refer :
(c) Enjoy 3 hour Award Winning Cruise Trip .
(d) Enjoy the Chocolate Factory Estate .
(e) Enjoy the - The Neck View Point (Must Visit).
(f) Take the ferry back to Kettering Ferry Terminal .
(g) Head Straight to Hobart Airport .
(e) Drop your Hired Car Keys .

Note :-
1) There is a Petrol pump and Car Wash about 5 km before Hobart Airport
I would recommend to wash and vacuum your car to avoid any penalties .
2) On Day 5 ,you may also choose to stay in Bruny Island .There is a penguin Spotting area near  "The Neck" .You may then fly back to Melbourne on Day 6 .
3) If you are visiting in December - January , Do plan to cover Lavender Farms on Day 2 near Launceston .
4) If you follow the above Trip planning . Be strict on timings or else you would miss the spots .


Monday, July 1, 2013

A Day Tour to Ballarat Gold Mine - Sovereign Hill

Sovereign Hill
Sovereign Hill is a spectacular outdoor Museum which takes you to the Australian Township of 1850's.It can be covered as a Day Tour from Melbourne .Its a great fun packed learning experience for Kids with a lot of engaging activities .

a) A chance to visit a historic actual Gold Mine site .
b) A chance to explore and relive the Australian Township of 1850's.
c) Activities and shows worth watching
d) Gold Museum

1) Self Drive from Melbourne takes about  2 hours .There is an unlimited free parking at the Sovereign Hill Site .
2) There is a special V-Line Service , which can deliver the visitors directly to the Sovereign Hill Doors .If you wish to choose a Complimentary Bus Service directly to Sovereign Hill ,you can plan according to the following schedule for a day Tour .

Book V-Line -
Book Taxi in Ballarat - 131 008(
Note - V-Line service from Ballarat to Southern Cross station is at every hour till 9:00 .

V Line Train
Southern Cross station (Melbourne) 
09:07 a.m
Ballarat Station
10:38 a.m
Monday -Saturday
Ballarat Station
10:48 a.m
Sovereign Hill
11:00 a.m
Monday -Saturday
V Line Train
Southern Cross station (Melbourne) 
09:28 a.m
Ballarat Station
10:50 a.m
Ballarat Station
11:00 a.m
Sovereign Hill
11:10 a.m
Sovereign Hill
03:15 p.m
Ballarat Station
03:30 p.m
Monday - Friday
V Line Train
Ballarat Station 
03:58 p.m
Southern Cross station (Melbourne)
05:33 p.m
Monday - Friday
Sovereign Hill
03:30 p.m
Ballarat Station
03:45 p.m
V Line Train
Ballarat Station 
04:11 p.m
Southern Cross station (Melbourne)
05:30 p.m

 HOW MUCH WOULD IT COST : It approximately costs 85 AUD / person for a Day Tour to Sovereign Hills .
1) V-Line return Fare : 25 AUD .
2) You can utilize your V-Line ticket for a 10% discount on Sovereign Hill Entry Tickets - 47 AUD(Standard Entry Fee)
3) Horse Coach Ride inside Sovereign Hill - 6 AUD(free if travelled through V-Line)
4) Mine Tour - 7.5 AUD
Note - You can save around 10.7 AUD , if you are visiting Sovereign Hills through V-Line Service .


We started planning for a place where I do not have to drive and is easily accessible through public transport .V-Line Special to Ballarat made our day . We left the Ballarat station ,and found the Complimentary Bus Service waiting ,just outside the station .It dropped us at the Sovereign Hill Bus Stop .
 We started exploring the town ship which started with "Black Smith Shop" and ended with the "Bowling Alley" .To my surprise ,all shops use the same old technology for producing the beautiful products. There is a scope of lot of shopping if you like Old Styled utensils, clothes, showpieces, crockery, candies etc..

After a short talk with the policemen displaying his armory. We then tried our hands in the Bowling Alley . Then took a Gold Mine Tour , which you should not miss .Then we had our lunch and set out for a coach ride .We then saw Live display of a street show and a Candy making activity.
The fresh raspberry candy was very tasty. Then we tried our hands in finding real gold flakes coming out of the mine stream .I have heard people do get these flakes quite often .Over All a Nice way to spend a day .
Gold Mine Tour

What you should not miss :-
1) If travelling by V-Line back home to Melbourne and if you 3:30 p.m. Complimentary Bus Service to Ballarat Station. Do not panic and call a Taxi. Taxi would not cost more that 11 AUD.V-Line Service from Ballarat to Melbourne is at every hour .
2) Horse Coach Ride.
3) Gold Mine Tour.
4) Search for Real Gold in the Stream . If you are lucky -you might find some
5) Gold Museum opposite side of Sovereign Hill Site.
6) Light and Sound Show .


Monday, June 17, 2013

Cairns - Gateway to Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef
Cairns is gateway to one of the most spectacular natural wonders of the world called "The Great Barrier Reef".Its a paradise for the divers ,snorklers ,naturists and photographers .

1) An adventure packed holiday in a tropical region
2) Scuba Diving and Snorkelling in "The Great Barrier Reef"
3) Kuranda Sky rail Fun Ride
4) Crocodile Farms and Salt water crocodiles in their natural habitat
5) Aboriginal Cultural Parks
6) Beaches and Greenery

Scuba Diving

Duration  in hours and Minutes
Approximate Cost
Round fare/person
3 hours 25 minutes
500 AUD
3 hours 25 minutes
3 hours
450 AUD
3 hours
2 hours 25 minutes
350 AUD
2 hours 25 minutes

Kuranda Scenic Railways

The total cost for 2 person on twin sharing basis for a 4 day trip would be around 3000 AUD .
Just in case you want to plan your trip yourself .Utilize the links for direct bookings.Our 4 day package Includes following :-

1) Round Trip Flights : 980 AUD
2) Airport Trasfers: 112 AUD
3) Hotel for 3 days : 1062 AUD
4) Kuranda Train + Return Skyrail + Hartley Crocodile Adventure Tour with Transfers: 376 AUD
5) Silver Swift Introductory Dive with Transfers : 526 AUD
6) Green Island Eco Adventure with Transfers : 192 AUD
7) Digital Underwater camera Hire for 2 days with Chip : 60 AUD
8) Food and Drinks on our own  - 40 AUD approximately  per meal

We had our trip organized with Student Flights -

Since All Trips Starts at 7:30 a.m in the morning . I woud recommend to plan 4 days for Cairns .

Hartley Crocodile Park
DAY 1 : 1) Take Early morning Flight .2) Checkin at Hotel near CBD
 3) Hire a Car from airport or use taxi facility to reach Hartley Crocodile Adventure Tours.You should reach the Crocodile park atleast by 1:30 p.m PST ,if you want to cover all shows .
3) If your flights schedule is such that you couldnot reach Hartley crocodile park by 2:00 p.m ,
I would suggest you to explore Cairns CBD market area,esplanade on Day 1 .

Kuranda Sky Rail
DAY 2 : Take a Day Trip to Kuranda scenic railway and Return by Sky Rail .
Sky Rail is a Unique and an exciting experience. After Reaching Kuranda ,explore the village ,river,market ,butterfly park ,aboriginal cultural park .
Note - The starting point of Kuranda Scenic Railway Station (Fresh Water Station)is very far from the skyrail Terminal (Caravonica Terminal).Do plan for a Return Transfers before hand for this tour.

Diving @ The Great Bareer Reef
DAY 3 :Take a Cruise Trip to "The Great Ocean Drive" .I can bet this would be the most memorable experiences of your life time . Do try Scuba Diving and snorkelling .Usually the groups are devided into 3 batches .The Cruise is docked at 3 reefs . One batch gets to dive in one of the 3 reefs .Lunch is served on the second reef .

2) There is a professional underwater photographer with each trip . Each photograph would cost around 10-15 AUD .

Green Island
DAY 4 : 1)Green Island Eco Adventure Tours :-
Relax on the pristine white sand beach of Green Island Resort .
Usually the tour include a ride on the glass bottom boat or snorkeling equipment .
I would prefer to explore both options if you have taken a full day tour .
Do try the exotic mock tails and cocktails from the Island bar counter .
2)Checkout from Hotel .Take Evening Flight .

Some Facts and Interesting Places:-
1) Places you should not miss :-
1.a Hartley Crocodile Sanctuary - Hartley’s Lagoon is a very special Experience that you should not miss. Lagoon Tour Timings can be viewed from the following Link.
1.b) 7.5 km Sky Rail is a unique Experience .
1.c) Scuba Diving in "The Great Barrier Reef".
1.d) Green Island Glass Bottom Boat .
1.e) Shopping at Night Market in Cairns CBD .
1.f) Daintree River Wildlife Cruise .

2)Best Time of the Year for Reef Activities - November to March. It also coincide with the Poisonous Jelly Fish Season .The Lycra suits are available at most of the places during the jelly fish season.
3)  IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR 1st TIME DIVERS .If you are a introductory diver and wish to dive only once . Don't hire the underwater digital camera in advance . Introductory Divers are not allowed to carry the digital underwater camera on the first dive . However you can pay 50 AUD and opt to dive a second time .You would be allowed to carry your camera equipment on the second dive of the day .
4) Hiring Underwater Digital camera's are far better than Use and throw roll camera's in all aspects .Not only in terms of overall Cost involved in developing the role ,picture quality and number of pics .Canon Ixus 220 HS is good enough for Introductory Divers and easily available .

5) Fruit Bats can be found on trees on Shields Street .
6) A tip to cut down Transfer Cost  would be to choose an accommodation in Cairns CBD.
Select a hotel which is very close to Reef Fleet terminal .Since All Cruise Trips starts from "Cairns Wharf- called as Cairns Marlin Marina". You can just walk down to the Wharf. Do locate the distance of "your hotel" and "Cairns Wharf- called as Cairns Marlin Marina" and then decide based on your stamina .

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