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Galibore Fishing Camp

The Galibore Fishing & Nature Camp Run by Jungle Lodges & Resorts, a unit of Karnataka Tourism, the Galibore Fishing and Nature Camp is tucked away literally far from the maddening crowd, deep in the deciduous forests about ten km from Sangam, on the banks of the River Cauvery .

HOW TO REACH THERE : We have to take the Kanakpura Road to reach Galibore .

One simple way of reaching Kanakpura road is to take the Bannergatta road  -> Reach the Shopper's Stop -> Go Another 8 km -> Take a right at the NICE ROAD (Toll Road)  -> Go on for some distance around 10 km -> You will see a big under pass -> You have to come down from right hand side and take a left -> This perpendicular road to NICE ROAD is Kanakpura Road -> Go straight for another 70 km -> Then you have to take 1 left turn (Ask Some Local at that point ) ->  Move on straight -> With few Turns down the Hill you will reach the end of Tarred Road -> Take a right from the Galibore's Board ->Last 8km is ravelly track (kacha Road).

PHONE : 91 - 80- 25597944 / 25584111 / 25559261
Email Address :
For Online Reservations :

It would Cost Rs. 3000 / Person for 1 night 2 days .
When I visited this place in 2009 , it cost  Rs.2220  / Person for the same package .
Day Trips would Cost around  Rs.1200 / Person  .

Overnight Stay would Include :
# Stay in Luxurious Tented  Cottages from 12.00 p.m to next day 10. a.m
# Lunch , Dinner , Breakfast
# Camp Fire
# Coracle Ride  (This would be from 1 bank to the other bank across the breadth of river Cauvery)
Try  taking Coracle Safari as complementary from the Manager over their . This would be Along the length of the river for some 2 km .
# Guided Trekking
# Fun Fishing 
Water Sports like kayaking  would cost Rs.250  / person
Mountain Riding Rs. 200 / Person

HOW MUCH TIME WOULD IT TAKE : About 2.5 hrs to 3 hrs from HSR Layout .

HOW ABOUT THE OVERALL EXPERIENCE : This place was the first Jungle Experience for me .
The place is just fabulous for the Bangalore crowd . With a Drive of just 120 km , you enjoy a pleasure of dense forests .
For the First Time in 2009 , I chose an Overnight Stay with the Family  :-
1. We checked in around 12.15  p.m
2. We got freshened up , tried to catch some fishes on the beach of Kaveri by our handkerchiefs , photographed some butterflies , and scorpions .
3. Went for lunch at 1.30 . Lunch is Average . Don't have high expectations .

4. Then we rested for some time in our Tents . The Tents are pretty safe with Wooden doors  and attached Bathrooms .

5. At 3:30 p.m we went for Coracle Ride  across the breadth of River Kaveri  and stopped for Fun Fishing .
 I caught a small Mahaseer . That was an Awsome feeling .We persuaded our coracle driver , to stay for some more time , but it was already dark . We came back around 6:30 .

7. We took a bath and started our drinks session . Only beer is available at the Camp , which costs around Rs. 140 per 650 ml bottle . Scotch and Whisky drinkers should carry it along from home .Soda is available .
Electricity is not available and the camp is powered by Generators . There could be a fight in getting the Ice cubes also .
8. We set off for the Campfire and Barbecue at around 7:45 p.m . Somehow at that time the Beer   
bought from the Camp was Chilled . Barbecued chicken was just awesome  .
9. Dinner started at 8:30 p.m . Again we found it Average .
10 . Night was little scary and adventurous with all the sound of Trees , Water , Pets . 
11. Next Morning my Parents got up early to enjoy the Sand Bank of the River  .They spotted a Crocodile very near to the Shore of the Camp . Being a crocodile i was immediately called .
With bare foot i came running . But some other guests at the came got excited and shouted .
This made it go away from the shore .

12. Then we went for trekking up the hill . This could be little tiring . Generally Trekking guide covers only 1 hill , but if you are enthusiastic Trekker you can even persuade  for trekking  to another hill as well .
13. The best part of the trip came after trekking . We just came to the sand bank to show my Sister in Law the point where Crocodile was spotted . To our surprise the Crock was still there . This could be our greatest Luck . By the time we could click it . It went far .
14.  Then we had breakfast , which was above average .
15 . We also did some kayaking , which was also awesome experience . Those air filled small kayaks were just awesome experience .  Rowing the Boat in the waters where we spotted a wild crocodile few minutes back was adventurous .

Overall the trip was awesome .  We also spotted some deers on the other side of the bank in the morning .

Great Place ...................
Average Food ....................
Great Hospitality......................
Great staff......................................


Varun kapoor said...

Nice information.

Nitin said...

The rates have revised now . It costs Rs. 3300 for Indians now .
It costs Rs. 5500 for foreigners .

monika singh said...

Adventure Camp In Bhimtal Comment Thanks for sharing good information !

Aji said...

Great writing and superb captures. Just wanted to add a few points for people visiting Galibore. Most people only know it as a fishing destination. Galibore is actually home to over 200 species of birds. If you’re a bird watching enthusiast, then you must visit the place. It is also home to several wild animals such as leopards, grizzled squirrels, spotted deer and sambar. When it comes to fish, Masheer is the largest variety you find in the area. Sangam is a popular destination nearby where Arkavati and Cauvery converge. While this is an all-season attraction, monsoons are especially beautiful as a huge variety of birds can be found during this time.

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