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Waynad Kerala

                                 Best Planned 2 day 2 night Luxurious trip to Waynad

Day 1
1) Leave Bangalore at 8.00 a.m .
2) Take Heavy Brunch or lunch in between (prefer in Mysore) and Reach Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary at 2:30 or 3:00 p.m .Take Open Jeep safari , which STARTS ONLY at 3:00 p.m .
3) You will be free by 5:00 p.m
4) Prefer your 1st Day stay in kalepetta.If you are too tired after the Jungle Safari - Stay at Sultan Bathery .

5) Next day checkout early at around 7:30 a.m
6) Start for the Soochipara Falls and Edakkal caves.
7) Start for Vythiri Resort at around 11.00 am .

8) Check out from Vythiri Resort at 11.00 am.
9) Reach Pookat Lake which is just 3.5 km from Vythiri Resort .
10) Start back to Bangalore at 1.30 p.m
11) Reach Bangalore at 9.00 p.m

HOW TO REACH SULTAN BATHERY : Bangalore -> Mysore -> Gundelpet -> Cross Muthanga Wildlife Sanctaury ->Drive another 17 km -> you will reach Sultan Bathery -> Search for Mintflower Hotel on the Right hand side on the same highway -> After that crossing mintflower ask for Aishwarya Theatre which is about 1.2 km down . Isaac Regency is just in front of Aishwarya Theatre .

HO TO REACH VYTHIRI RESORT : Bangalore - Mysore - Gundelpet - Sultan Bathery - Kalepetta - Vythiri . While coming from Kalepetta to pookat lake , there is a left turn , which is 1.5 km before pookot lake on the Left Hand Side . After turning you have to then travel 3.5 km inside , on a Stony road to reach vythiri resort  .

HOW MUCH WOULD THE TRIP COST : The trip cost us around Rs. 30,000 for 5 members .I went by my own car .

How Much Would It Cost In Hotel ISSAC REGENCY : Rooms for a couple ranges from Rs.1200 - Rs.2500 We were family of 5 , and were ready to stay together . Hence we took 1 Regency Suite Room A/C - which cost 2500+300 .This included breakfast for all 5 people .
Refer :

How Much Would It Cost In VYTHIRI Resort  :

The Rates Mentioned Below are for 1 day 1 night for a Couple  .The  Includes :-
1) Lunch , Dinner , Breakfast .  2) Yoga Session in the Morning . 3) All Facilities offered by the Resort .
1) Paddi Rooms - Rs. 6,500
2) Tree House - Rs. 12,000
3) Extra Member - Rs. 2500
Refer :


Day 1 : -

While passing the through the Reserve Forests , we were lucky to see 3 elephants on the way to Muthanga Wildlife sanctuary .We reached Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary at 1:00 p.m . Since it was not open at that time ,we started further looking for some resort . We travelled another 15 km , to the City "Sultan Bathery" .

We Stayed in Hotel "Issac Regency" .  Then we came back to the Sanctuary at 3:45 p.m . It was heavily crowded .So please be there in time .Somehow we made it to the open jeep safari. I had set my expectation quite high for this sanctuary . It was pathetic . The jeep went very fast and there are hardly any animals seen .At last 1 elephant and its baby were seen . Then we came back to the resort .

DAY 2 :-

We started for Pookot Lake in the morning . Lake is very beautiful . we spent around 30 min at the lake and then started looking for Vythiri Resort .We checked in at 12:15 p.m . The boys showed us the whole resort and its facilities . Its the best nature resort , i have ever seen in my life up till now

I took up 1 tree house and 1 paddi room with a private pool .
# Majour Attractions which makes it is different from any Resort :-

# Natural Pool is the best part of the Resort . I have Chilled my beer in its cold water and then had it sitting inside the water . It was just Amazing .
# Wooden Bridge in between Rooms and Restaurant which is Unique of its kind .

# Its Tree House which is at 65fts high operated by a Manual Lift - the scenery is just Amazing .You will feel as if you are on a tree top in the middle of the Jungle .Just You ....
# 2  Natural Waterfalls running from withing the Resort .

It has a very cooperative Staff .

AMBIENCE : The place is fragnated by a Natural Essense of Kerala Herbs .

FOOD : Food is very good especially the Fried Fish in Lunch . A lot of Variety to choose

Great Destination ..................
Great Food ...................................
And Truly Something Different ................
It's here that you forget rest of the World

DAY 3 :  We started back to Bangalore at around  12:00 , though we still had to to lot of things in the Resort.

We stopped in between at Ranganthidu Bird's Sanctuary for about 2.5 hrs. . we reached home at around 10:00 p.m at night .In case you need more detailed info on the Resorts . Please click the following URL  :-

Hotel Isaac Regency :

Vythiri Resort :


Nitin said...

Other Good Hotels and Resort in Waynad Which have earned good reputations from my close friends are :-
1) Hotel Green Gates in Kalepetta -
starts from 2500

2) Wyndberg Resort - in Thrikkaipatta which is 12 km from Sultan Bathery
Starts from Rs. 2000

3) Blue Ginger Resorts - in Vythiri
Starts from 10,200

snigdha valapudari said...

hiee..frndzz...i m really happy having this blog to share our feelings..i went 2 bandipur resorts last week its really a awesome experience..really enjoyed a lot with my family..when going i dint expect that much about dat resorts..really dat resorts leave me memorable moments..hope u 2 defintly ll njoy bandipur resorts and beauty of resorts away from pollution..if u hav time..defintly make that to visit dat plac..u ll ha great tme..i prms u..

Nishitha KM said...

hi..thanks for the post.Are you planning any holiday trip with family.i will suggest you the places br hills resort and also near by place k gudi resort..its a nice place to enjoy with visit..

Nitin said...

Thanks Nishitha and Snigdha

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