Friday, December 12, 2014

A Luxurious Camping at Cosy Tents

Cosy Tents Enlightened
If you are planning for a romantic outdoors , I bet Cozy Tents is the best place to be . Luxurious , Romantic , Picturesque Camping Site .

Address : 935 Telegraph Road, Sailors Falls VIC 3461, Australia
Phone : 0411 322 937
Route  :
Website :
Checkin : 3:00 p.m , Checkout : 12:00 pm

HOW MUCH TIME WOULD IT TAKE : It took us less than 2 hours to reach the cozy tents .

BEST TIME TO VISIT : You can visit the camping site all year long . I had a short chat with the owners and they are planning to install special tent heaters for winter season .

Small WaterBody inside the Camping Site
HOW MUCH WOULD THE TRIP COST : The 2 day 1 night trip for two of us cost 257 AUD .

1) Petrol - 25 AUD
2) Cosy Tents - 185 AUD /per night / per tent
3) Meal as per preference  or can be brought from home - 35 AUD
4) Coffee @ during drive break * 3 - 3.95/Cup .

HOW WAS THE OVERALL EXPERIENCE : Awesome place for camping , warm hospitality and less than 2 hour drive from Melbourne is the USP of this place .A refreshing break from hustle and tussle of life .

Day 1:-
11:30 p.m - Started off from home after Brunch .
01:30 p.m - Reached Cozy Tents. Picked up the keys and had a brief from Jarek(Owner).
02:00 p.m - Went to Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens .Took the Scenic Drive .
03:00 p.m - Went to Jubilee lake .
04:00 p.m - Came back to Cosy Tents .
# Rested for a while in lovely tents .
# Had our evening tea .
# Sat outside watching Kangaroos passing by .
# Started with our evening Wine , chit chat and photography .

07:00 p.m - It started getting cold and Jarek lit us a Camp Fire .
I am new to camping outdoors and I was loving every bit of it .
08:00 p.m - We started preparing our Dinner . There are all equipment present in the common kitchen including vegetable oil . We brought all our food marinated from home in an Ice box .
10:00 p.m - Watched a lovely movie on our Ipad .

Breaky Box
Day 2:-
08:00 a.m - Got up Late .Prepared our morning Tea .
09:00 a.m - Usually the breakfast is arranged in the beautiful common kitchen area .
However it was raining that day and we got a lovely Breaky Box .
10:00 a.m - Did some photo-session .
11:00 a.m - Checked Out from Cosy Tents .
11:15 a.m - Reached Sailor Falls .
11:30 a.m - Reached Daylesford Lake which is just 5 km from Sailor Falls .Parked in front of Central Springs .Did some fishing , Lake circuit Walk , photo-ops.
01:30 p.m - Reached Daylesford Market .Had a Sumptuous Lunch .Plenty of options there to dine .
03:30 p.m - Set out for Melbourne
05:30 p.m - Reached home .

Interesting Facts :-
1) Refrigerator is not available in Tents(After all its camping) .However 26L Eski is available .Handy to know what all is included
2) From Placement perspective The best Tent is bwthyn .Tea ,Sugar ,Coffee , Cutlery ,Breakfast is provided with all tents .
3) CosyTents have clean, hygienic common toilets and kitchen with lovely cutlery .Oil,Salt for cooking ,Utensils, Drinking and Cooking Water is provided .
4) Plenty of places for nature walks and photography like - Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens , Jubilee Lake , Lake Daylesford , Sailor Falls.
5) Daylesford Market is just 4.5 km from Cosy Tents .You can even skip cooking at camps .
Coles and other Grocery Stores can also be found in Daylesford Market .
6) Bring your self enough warm clothes as it may get cooler than Melbourne at night .


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