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Waynad Kerala

                                 Best Planned 2 day 2 night Luxurious trip to Waynad

Day 1
1) Leave Bangalore at 8.00 a.m .
2) Take Heavy Brunch or lunch in between (prefer in Mysore) and Reach Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary at 2:30 or 3:00 p.m .Take Open Jeep safari , which STARTS ONLY at 3:00 p.m .
3) You will be free by 5:00 p.m
4) Prefer your 1st Day stay in kalepetta.If you are too tired after the Jungle Safari - Stay at Sultan Bathery .

5) Next day checkout early at around 7:30 a.m
6) Start for the Soochipara Falls and Edakkal caves.
7) Start for Vythiri Resort at around 11.00 am .

8) Check out from Vythiri Resort at 11.00 am.
9) Reach Pookat Lake which is just 3.5 km from Vythiri Resort .
10) Start back to Bangalore at 1.30 p.m
11) Reach Bangalore at 9.00 p.m

HOW TO REACH SULTAN BATHERY : Bangalore -> Mysore -> Gundelpet -> Cross Muthanga Wildlife Sanctaury ->Drive another 17 km -> you will reach Sultan Bathery -> Search for Mintflower Hotel on the Right hand side on the same highway -> After that crossing mintflower ask for Aishwarya Theatre which is about 1.2 km down . Isaac Regency is just in front of Aishwarya Theatre .

HO TO REACH VYTHIRI RESORT : Bangalore - Mysore - Gundelpet - Sultan Bathery - Kalepetta - Vythiri . While coming from Kalepetta to pookat lake , there is a left turn , which is 1.5 km before pookot lake on the Left Hand Side . After turning you have to then travel 3.5 km inside , on a Stony road to reach vythiri resort  .

HOW MUCH WOULD THE TRIP COST : The trip cost us around Rs. 30,000 for 5 members .I went by my own car .

How Much Would It Cost In Hotel ISSAC REGENCY : Rooms for a couple ranges from Rs.1200 - Rs.2500 We were family of 5 , and were ready to stay together . Hence we took 1 Regency Suite Room A/C - which cost 2500+300 .This included breakfast for all 5 people .
Refer :

How Much Would It Cost In VYTHIRI Resort  :

The Rates Mentioned Below are for 1 day 1 night for a Couple  .The  Includes :-
1) Lunch , Dinner , Breakfast .  2) Yoga Session in the Morning . 3) All Facilities offered by the Resort .
1) Paddi Rooms - Rs. 6,500
2) Tree House - Rs. 12,000
3) Extra Member - Rs. 2500
Refer :


Day 1 : -

While passing the through the Reserve Forests , we were lucky to see 3 elephants on the way to Muthanga Wildlife sanctuary .We reached Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary at 1:00 p.m . Since it was not open at that time ,we started further looking for some resort . We travelled another 15 km , to the City "Sultan Bathery" .

We Stayed in Hotel "Issac Regency" .  Then we came back to the Sanctuary at 3:45 p.m . It was heavily crowded .So please be there in time .Somehow we made it to the open jeep safari. I had set my expectation quite high for this sanctuary . It was pathetic . The jeep went very fast and there are hardly any animals seen .At last 1 elephant and its baby were seen . Then we came back to the resort .

DAY 2 :-

We started for Pookot Lake in the morning . Lake is very beautiful . we spent around 30 min at the lake and then started looking for Vythiri Resort .We checked in at 12:15 p.m . The boys showed us the whole resort and its facilities . Its the best nature resort , i have ever seen in my life up till now

I took up 1 tree house and 1 paddi room with a private pool .
# Majour Attractions which makes it is different from any Resort :-

# Natural Pool is the best part of the Resort . I have Chilled my beer in its cold water and then had it sitting inside the water . It was just Amazing .
# Wooden Bridge in between Rooms and Restaurant which is Unique of its kind .

# Its Tree House which is at 65fts high operated by a Manual Lift - the scenery is just Amazing .You will feel as if you are on a tree top in the middle of the Jungle .Just You ....
# 2  Natural Waterfalls running from withing the Resort .

It has a very cooperative Staff .

AMBIENCE : The place is fragnated by a Natural Essense of Kerala Herbs .

FOOD : Food is very good especially the Fried Fish in Lunch . A lot of Variety to choose

Great Destination ..................
Great Food ...................................
And Truly Something Different ................
It's here that you forget rest of the World

DAY 3 :  We started back to Bangalore at around  12:00 , though we still had to to lot of things in the Resort.

We stopped in between at Ranganthidu Bird's Sanctuary for about 2.5 hrs. . we reached home at around 10:00 p.m at night .In case you need more detailed info on the Resorts . Please click the following URL  :-

Hotel Isaac Regency :

Vythiri Resort :
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