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Ranganathittu Birds Sanctuary Near Mysore

Ranganathittu Birds Sanctuary

Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary is also known as Paksi Kashi of Karnataka .
It is a very small sanctuary, being only 67 km². in area, and comprises six islets on the banks of the Kaveri River .The sanctuary is a paradise for Wildlife Enthusiasts , nature lovers , bird watchers and crocodile lovers.

Ranganathittu Checkpost
HOW TO REACH HERE : If you are coming from South Bangalore , then the easiest though long way , is to reach the Nice Road and then take Mysore Road (SH17) .
Other way is to take Kanakpura Road -> Mysore Road (SH17) .

Then travel straight onto the Mysore Road for about 115 km . After Crossing Srirangapatnam , you will find a Board which reads Sangam - 5 kms left, Mysore -25km etc. After travelling 2-3 km straight from that board there is a diversion on the right hand side .Go for about 5-7 km inside you will find the checkpost for the Bird's Sanctuary .Ample Parking is available in the Bird's Sanctuary .

HOW MUCH DOES IT COSTS : It cost about Rs.425 per person for four of us .
This includes Total Pertol Cost - Rs. 950
Breakfast at  McDonald Rs. 300
Parking of the Car - Rs. 30
Entry Tickets - Rs. 25 per person
We took Special Boat - Rs. 250
We had lunch in the In-House Restaurant of the Sanctuary - Rs. 250
Camera Fee - Rs. 25

For Foreigners :-
1) Entry Ticket - Rs. 75 per person
2) Boating - Rs. 100 per person
3) Special Boating - Rs. 500

Parking Fee varies from Rs. 5 for 2 wheeler to rs. 125 for Bus .
Please refer to the Cost Sheet above .


HOW MUCH TIME WOULD IT TAKE : It would take around 2 to 2.5  hrs to reach Ranganathittu
Bird's Sanctuary from Bangalore .It would take around 30 min from Mysore .

HOW WAS THE OVERALL EXPERIENCE - Our friend Shalley has come from Hyderabad to spend her long weekend with us . The thought of Crocodiles always gets me crazy . This was the only reason I suggested this place .Bird Watching was not that Important in our List .

Migratory Birds in Ranganathittu
Why should One go to Ranganathittu Birds Sanctuary?
You can have any of the Following Reasons :-
- If you are a Nature Lover , Birds Watcher or Crocodile Lover(which is quite rare) .
- If you want a Long Drive on a Lovely Weather.
- If you want some adventure :-
By taking a boat ride in a Lake Full of wild Crocodiles .
And get to see them by merely 2 feet away .
- If you want to spend a day peacefully by spending less .
So we ganged  up and set off to Ranganathittu Bird's Sanctuary .

Wild Crocodile in Ranganathittu
We drove quite steadily and reached Ranganathittu at around 12.00 p.m .Then we roamed there for a while , clicked some nice shots and went for Lunch .The in-house Restaurant served only South Indian breakfast Items like Dosa, Idli etc .This was sufficient for us since we had already stuffed in Mc. Donalds while coming to Ranganathittu . The food was average .

Then we went for Boating . There are 2 types of Boats available .Shared - which has access to Public and one as to share it .Special Boat (Family Boat) - which is kind of Private .We took up the Family Boat and started off . I was too keen to see crocodiles .Then came the best part of the Trip . I insisted the Boat Driver to take us near the crocodile . He not only took us near but stopped the boat just 1.5 feets away from his mouth . All of us got really excited and panicked for a while .That was really adventurous for us .We never expected this .You can have a look at our video on you tube.

Top View of the Small Sanctuary
The Overall Trip was JUST AWESOME ................................


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